New Fern and Nursery Stock availability list on site, including 9cm ferns.

Hello all.

As many of you know, we only grow 9cm ferns for sale at this time of year.

I'm of the opinion that 9cms are great for selling to your customers at this time of year for using in winter pots and baskets alongside other small pot lines like Cyclamen, Pansies, Ivies etc.


For actually planting in the ground, 2 litres are far better.

A larger plant that establishes better, makes a larger plant in less time; and has a higher retail price. smiley


Full details of these are in the trade section of this site, in the Fern part of the Looking Good lists.

There's only a limited amount of free stock, when they're gone they're…………..errrrrrrrrrr……………..gone.